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5X MORE ABSORBENT THAN WOOL DRYER BALLS: Our natural hemp dryer balls deliver superior performance, reducing drying time by 30% and saving energy for eco-conscious consumers.

CRUELTY-FREE & SUSTAINABLE CHOICE: Our hemp dryer balls provide a responsible alternative to traditional wool dryer balls, making them perfect for those who care about animals and the environment.

HYPOALLERGENIC & CHEMICAL-FREE SOFTENING: Safe for sensitive skin, our hemp dryer balls fluff and soften your laundry without harsh chemicals, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free experience.

REUSABLE & LONG-LASTING LAUNDRY SOLUTION: With a lifespan of over 1000 loads, Vove Hemp Dryer Balls are a cost-effective replacement for single-use dryer sheets and chemical-laden fabric softeners. They even come with a stylish and convenient storage bag, included in every purchase.

THE VOVE DIFFERENCE: Our hemp dryer balls deliver exceptional softening performance using 100% natural fibers and come in an FSC-certified recycled kraft box; Vove is dedicated to offering eco-friendly laundry solutions that don’t sacrifice quality, effectiveness, or convenience, making a positive impact on the environment and your home.

ODOR-NEUTRALIZING PERFORMANCE: Vove’s hemp dryer balls possess natural odor-fighting properties, ensuring that your laundry remains fresh and clean without any unpleasant smells. The eco-friendly and biodegradable hemp fibers make these dryer balls an exceptional alternative to dryer sheets, tumble dryer sheets, wool dryer balls and tumble dryer balls.

EFFORTLESS STATIC REDUCTION & FABRIC SEPARATION: Vove’s hemp dryer balls not only eliminate static cling for smooth, wrinkle-free clothes but also separate fabrics during the drying process, preventing tangling and ensuring evenly dried, soft, and fluffy laundry. Save time on ironing and embrace an eco-conscious laundry routine with these versatile dryer balls.

CUSTOMIZABLE FRAGRANCE BOOST: Personalize your laundry scent by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils to Vove’s hemp dryer balls. This natural, chemical-free method ensures that your laundry smells delightful and fresh without the use of synthetic fragrances or additives. Heads up! Due to shared manufacturing facilities, there’s a possibility of low levels of wool present in the dryer balls. This could cause a faint wool scent, but it’s temporary and won’t affect performance. Optional to pre-wash.

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