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Ethically made with 100% natural Mao bamboo and DuPont medium nylon bristles. Ntdf.* premium toothbrush is of superior quality that guarantees its strength and efficiency. Its carbonization finishing process provides water resistance and prevents the growth of microbes (bacteria and moulds) during normal use.

Not to Die For* biodegradable bamboo toothbrush naturally decomposes soon after it is disposed of, unlike plastic unrecyclable ones, while being 100% vegan; unlike many bamboo toothbrushes with animal sourced bristles.

We are proud of our Not to Die For toothbrush because it’s safe for you, the animals and the environment. Say goodbye to bad breath, and hello to white teeth while doing your part.


Handle: Mao bamboo, an environmentally sustainable timber.
Bristles: DuPont medium nylon

All products displayed in are vegan & cruelty-free.
Purchase with peace of mind.


Times vary depending on location, but shipping takes within 1-7 business days.

Free shipping in orders +$55 for USA and Canada. For other orders, cost varies depending on product and location. You will find the details on the checkout page.

We currently ship within the US and Canada.

3 reviews for Premium Bamboo Toothbrush

  1. Mary

    It’s hard to find a sustainable, vegan toothbrush.
    Not To Die For has both, and that’s the best part
    Thank you!
    I really recommend it 🙂

  2. Rob

    the only bamboo toothbrush I had that doesnt grow mold

  3. Jenny J

    I’ve used mine for over 4 months and still looks like new. Really like the design also!

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