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Silicone cotton swabs can be easily cleaned and reusable, packaged in bamboo box, eco-friendly and portable.
Two separate Q-tips for all of your needs whether it’s cleaning up those make-up mishaps or cleaning around your outer ears.
All reusable cotton swabs were made of high-quality medical silicone tips and PC sticks, super soft and flexible, food grade, and be used safely.
They come in a super cute magnetic bamboo travel case. Perfect for those weekends away & last-minute trips. Easy to use, easy to clean & will last ages too.


1. Make sure both tips are securely in place
2. Use cotton buds for your desired purpose
3. Rinse under warm water after use

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs





Bamboo, silicone.

All products displayed in are vegan & cruelty-free.
Purchase with peace of mind.

1 review for Reusable Silicone Q-Tips

  1. Alisa

    I got these swabs because I use them daily and I was tired of buying new ones. It was not only a waste of money, but it was also bad for the environment. It works great for me.
    However, I think about getting a new pair for my dog because she often suffers from ear infections and I have to apply a cream in her ear. I’ll let you know how it works! But for me it’s just great!

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