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100% natural gentle exfoliating hemp that helps to extend the life of your soap bar. This game-changer eco-friendly sisal bag is great to smooth skin and keep those slippery soaps from dropping in shower. Ideal item for storing your soaps, shampoo bars, conditioner bars, or even your furry friend shampoo bars! Anything you use inside it will become more durable. And it’s fully compostable.

They are assembled responsibly from sustainable materials and make switching from body wash to bar soap a breeze.

Additional information

Dimensions 4 × 5 in

Sisal closure, Wooden closure


Naturally derived sisal from the agave plant, wooden bead.

All products displayed in are vegan & cruelty-free.
Purchase with peace of mind.


Times vary depending on location, but shipping takes within 1-7 business days.

Free shipping in orders +$55 for USA and Canada. For other orders, cost varies depending on product and location. You will find the details on the checkout page.

We currently ship within the US and Canada.

4 reviews for Sisal Soap Saver Bag

  1. Giuliana Vicens

    Great service and very practical !!

  2. Monica Hart

    In love with the texture if it and how it gently exfoliates my skin ? My boyfriend also loved it so will definitely be buying another one anytime soon

  3. Christina

    My skin looks and feels much better now, I’ll buy again once needed! <3

  4. Johanna

    Loved the exfoliating bag, super cute and useful. But I give it a 4 star because it arrived 3 days after I purchased, and they don’t offer next day delivery.

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