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Vegan gifts for her in 2023

Whether you’re a great gifter or a last-minute shopper, it’s always important to have some references to get the ideal presents for your loved ones. We understand that buying gifts for your vegan friends and family might feel complicated, but it really shouldn’t be (if you know where you’re looking!). Here are 10 different gift options for you to choose from:

Feather-free pillows and duvets 

Pillows aren’t really something that you would usually think are related to animal cruelty, but many of the bedding products that label themselves as “luxury” use goose feathers. Your loved ones might be in the lookout for duvets and pillows that are high-quality and vegan-friendly which is where Brooklinen’s “down alternative” options come in!

Vegan self-care bundles

Another gift that is almost universally liked! Everyone can appreciate a chance to pamper themselves. A glass of wine, a warm bath, and a good book? A perfect evening! Check out all the options Not to Die For* has available. 

Not to die For Natural Experience Bundle

Vegan bags

The reason why many people justify buying leather products is sustainability. They see plastic options as bad for the environment (which is a valid concern) but it should never lead us to buy animal products! The good news is that many vegan shops are stopping the use of “pleather” and switching to more innovative options, like leather made out of fruit and paper! You can find fashionable and vegan bags at Melie Blanco. 

Vegan silk pillowcase 

Even though silk is not something that vegans can use, the texture is still incredibly satisfying and it’s great for your skin! Many bedding companies have come up with vegan alternatives for silk products, so you can also enjoy them. Check out Bedsure’s “silk” pillowcases made with bamboo! 

All-vegan travel kit 

Travelling as a vegan is very challenging because you might not know how to access all the safe things you know you have at home. Especially if you’re in a place that isn’t a big city, where you don’t have access to cruelty-free shops! Here’s a link to our favorite travel essentials kit:

Not to die For The Cruelty-free traveller bundle

Water bottles 

Nowadays, a good and original water bottle is essential. There are thousands of designs out there that are fun and colorful, and that will help your loved ones avoid plastic waste (and keep their beverages hot or cold!). Waterdrop has the best steel and glass bottles, you can find all of them here

Bath bombs

What a better gift than simple relaxation? Bath bombs are a great excuse to take a bath and take a break from all your worries. Our bath bombs are one of our bestselling products!

Not to Dier For forest bath bombs

Vegan nail polish 

Big nail polish brands might claim to be vegan or cruelty-free, but many of them are owned by other companies that do test on animals. It’s important to be careful when it comes to buying beauty products. Our favorite is Paint Box, a brand that has an incredible variety of vegan nail polishes at accessible prices: 

Reusable cutlery set

In the same vein as water bottles, many vegans have a passion for taking care of the environment, so this cutlery set could be the perfect accessible gift for a vegan friend! 

Vegan candles 

Candles are a great gift that almost everyone will appreciate, especially ones that have fresh scents. Candles can many times have animal byproducts, such as beeswax. It’s always important to get your products from vendors who will assure you that you’re not accidentally harming animals! Check out our sea salt and orchid candles

(Inexpensive) All-vegan skincare

One of our favorite brands, The Ordinary, has environmentally conscious skincare that is cruelty-free. The best part? It’s incredibly affordable! They want to create simple skincare that focuses on singular actives, so they can be included into any routine to personalize it. All the products are available online or at your closest Sephora! Our favorites are the Niacinamide serum and the Peeling Solution. 

Vegan & Cruelty-Free makeup

More than ever, beauty companies are choosing to stop testing on animals, and we love it! Your loved ones might be on the lookout for fun, vegan, makeup brands, and we have just the right one for you! Haus Labs is a great option for innovative makeup that is still cruelty-free and vegan!

If you’re still on the lookout for more vegan presents, you can check out our shop! We have a variety of different options to shop for your vegan friends free of guilt ?

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