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Self-care guide for vegans in a speciest world

Even though veganism is a positive lifestyle in many ways, the fact that we live in a speciest society can lead to extreme exhaustion and activism fatigue. By having a conscious awareness of animal exploitation most ignore, our mental and physical health can suffer. Creating the time and space to recharge and practice self-care should be prioritized.


Meditation doesn’t have to be a religious or spiritual experience. It’s proven that having at least 15 minutes of relaxation and time for yourself can help ease feelings of anxiety and make you feel more grounded. Even if guided meditation doesn’t work for you, it’s important to take some time off your busy schedule to simply relax and take your mind off everything that worries you. 

There are many high-quality apps that offer great meditation content, such as Headspace and Calm

Take a break from Social Media & the news

It’s ok to be informed on what is happening in the world we live in, but sometimes they can bring us anxiety due to things we can’t even control. Limiting your consumption of bad news can have a huge impact on your emotional well-being. Some ideas for doing that are put your phone down and out of reach, setting limits by tracking your social media time, turning off notifications, setting “phone free zones” and scheduling “social media free days”.


Journaling is proved to help you track symptoms and learn more about your own negative thoughts. That will allow you to control them and act accordingly. Control your narrative identifying things you are grateful for. Describe your goals, write a letter to yourself and talk about your day. Here there is a vegan themed journal for keeping you motivated in the process in case you want to check it out ;).

Find vegans in your area and hang out 

There’s no one who can really understand veganism as well as a fellow vegan. Finding people who are experienced is a great way to feel accompanied and supported! You might think it’s hard to meet fellow vegans, but it actually isn’t! There are plenty of meetings on Meetup and Eventbrite for vegans to meet and socialize, and you can even find local groups on Facebook! 

Another easy way to meet other vegans is through organizations. It’s actually pretty easy to find like-minded people by signing up to an activist group, or even volunteering at a local animal shelter! 

Remember your physical health

Physical and emotional health go hand in hand. Make sure you are taking all the nutrients needed.

Do something for the animals 

Nothing like helping furry and feathered friends for feeling better. We mentioned volunteering at an animal shelter before, but there are many different things you can do for the animals! Whether that is donating to organizations that help wildlife, or signing petitions to help fight animal testing, all efforts count! The Humane Society has a list of 50 ways you can help the animals in your daily life. 

At Ntdf.* we are very passionate about providing you with the resources needed to become a happy and healthy vegan. Check out our resources for more information!

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