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10 ways to make your beauty routine more sustainable

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The amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills, the ocean, and our bodies is truly staggering. And even if you don’t mind contributing to this mess, there are other reasons to try to be more mindful about what you’re putting on your skin and hair. It’s time to rethink your beauty routine.

1. Use bamboo instead of plastic (when possible).

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on the planet and it’s far better for our oceans than plastic ever will. Take toothbrushes, for example! You can easily separate the nylon bristles and compost the handle. 

sustainable bamboo toothbrush

Try our premium bamboo ntdf* toothbrush. 

2. Switch from disposable razors to reusable ones made from stainless steel.

There is now a whole range of metal razors (where the only replaceable part is the actual razor) in the market, so you don’t have to throw out a piece of plastic every time your razor goes dull. Metal razors last for years, they keep plastic out of landfills, and they are also more attractive, so they look great in the shower or bathroom. 

We love our double-edged safety razor!

3. Don’t waste unnecessary water.

You can do this in many ways! Washing your hair less is something that is not only good for the environment, but also good for your hair, since excessive washing strips its natural oils. You should also remember to turn off the tap while you brush your teeth. 

4. Reuse a bar of soap as long as possible before replacing it with a new one.

You can use a soap saver bag to help you when the soap is too small to hold! 

sustainable beauty routine

5. Get reusable alternatives for makeup wipes and cotton pads.

Makeup wipes are already bad for your skin (they are really harsh, and they ruin your skin’s PH balance), and they are non-biodegradable. Instead of using disposable face wipes, you can get reusable makeup cloths or pads and use micellar water or cleansing oil. 

Makeup remover pads are much gentler than makeup wipes.

6. Purchase beauty products with a longer shelf life so you waste less plastic.

Many beauty products are packaged in plastic, the majority of which is not recycled. That’s because —even if the package has a recycle symbol and number— in most of the United States only types 1 (PET) and 2 (HDPE) plastics are recycled, and only certain sizes and shapes of those make it through the process, which frequently excludes smaller plastic containers.

recyclable plastic

7. Use products that come in glass or paper packaging.

It’s great to reduce your use of plastic packaging in the first place, or to eliminate it entirely from your beauty routine. The good news is that a growing number of brands (like us!) who are making deodorant with paper packaging, and dental floss that comes in glass packaging. 

sustainable routine

8. Reduce the number of products you buy.

Why not try a lip and cheek stain, or a powder foundation rather than using a separate foundation and powder?

This blush stick doubles as a lip stain.

9. Use sunscreen that doesn’t harm coral reefs.

Although most sunscreens protect us from the sun, they have the opposite effect on marine life. Every year, 14,000 tons of sunscreen enter our oceans, causing corals to turn white, damaging coral DNA and causing growth abnormalities – it’s time to turn to sunscreens that are suitable for rocks. Try to choose sunscreen that does not contain oxybenzone an are reef safe

10. Avoid products with palm oil in them.

Palm oil is one of the main causes of deforestation in some of the world’s most biodiverse forests, destroying the habitat of already endangered species like the Orangutan, Pygmy elephant, and Sumatran rhino. This deforestation also contributes to the greenhouse effect.

If you’re looking for products that don’t harm animals or the environment, you’re in the right place! Not to Die For* is a marketplace created by vegans for vegans, trying to make ethical shopping easier and more accessible. We’re here to help you make your beauty routine as sustainable as possible. Purchase with peace of mind 🍃

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